An Elliot Update

Since I introduced you to Elliot on Monday and shared his photo from last weekend- the weekend I spent with a bird... he has grown SO much. This whole experience has been really cool, seeing how quickly he grows and changes literally everday. It's fascinating. Keep in mind, when we found him he was bald, couldn't open his eys and could barely hold himself upright (see here). And now, only a week later, Elliot looks like this!.....

sometimes, nature really shows me who's boss.
what an incredible experience this has been.

Have a good weekend! I'm off to Traverse City for Bob's little sister, Liz's Bachelorette celebration! We are going to stay on lake MI right on the beach, go on wine tours and eat good food. I can't wait.

I will be out of commision Monday, since we are taking a three day weekend, but  you can follow me on instagram @izgal33 for bachelorette weekend photo updates.



Keep Calm and watch this video

This video is fascinating to me. I did not realize the history behind what I thought was the cliché and overdone "Keep Calm and Carry On" phenomenon. It's roots date back to WWII British propaganda, in an effort to keep the people of Britain and their spirits up. Take a look....


A Friendly Dinner

Last night, Jayme, Linz and I got together at The Emory (a great bar with great burgers in Ferndale) for one last hang before Linz takes off for Haiti for the summer to teach orchestra in Port Au Prince, as she has done for the past 5 years.

We reminisced about our middle and high school years, the good and the bad, made each other laugh and called each other out on our teenage bullshit. It was fantastic. I love you guys!

Love this microbrew from Battle Creek, MI brewery Arcadia Brewing Co.

One of my very good and post middle school, high school and college friend Anne biked up for a beer! Poor gal had to listen to our boring old stories... ;)



Last night, Bob and I had a little date night. We got Thai food and went to see Brave (we like to see the kids movies together). I have to say, I really liked it! First of all, she has the MOST amazing red curly hair. Secondly, Craig Ferguson does one of the voices but lastly, it was so refreshing to watch a Pixar/Disney movie that has a strong female character who fights for her independence and to be the maker of her own fate and her own destiny. And guess what?! There's no love story!!!!!! 

I think the most interesting part of the film out of all the great things I've already referenced, is that it really is a story about a Mother and a Daughter, which is such a pivotal, fragile and important relationship in a girls life that isn't highlighted much by mass media. I highly recommend going to see the movie, especially to go with your Mom, because by the end of it, you'll just want to give her a big hug and tell her how much you appreciate her and all that she does and has done for you (thanks mom!).



Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with rest and relaxation, which after the week I had, was much needed. You know the feeling when you've been on high speed for so many days that when you finally get the chance to do nothing- you feel kind of anxious? That's basically how I felt all weekend, all the while forcing myself to nap, watch movies and just chill.

OK, so to start off, I need to catch you all up on the fact that Bob rescued a baby bird. He and his two siblings feel out of their abandoned nest. His siblings fell on concrete and Elliot fell on the  bushes, so he survived, the lucky guy. So, we are taking good care of him and have learned a lot about fostering a baby bird. It's really been fascinating- everyday we wake up he's grown and changed. He's the sweetest little guy, he's so loving and we are nuts about him. We are exploring all options to ensure his health comes first. We will most likely take him to a bird refuge in a few weeks when he is a bit more independent.
Until then... meet Elliot.

So, other than taking care of this little guy all weekend, I had a wonderful meal with my best friend Linz and Danielle. I was so excited for my best friend to meet Danielle, since we've become really close the past few months. It's always a good feeling when your friends like each other.

Sunday, Bob and I got breakfast at Commonwealth with my parents. SO good. Then, we went to a family get-together for Linz (I've known her family since I was 5, so we just go to each others family events) since she is leaving for Haiti on Friday. The BBQ was at Beverly park, the park my Dad grew up going to. We went back and explored the pond where he grew up fishing and lighting model boats on fire... oh yea, I got a lot of good stories out of him about that park....

Hope you had a nice weekend.


The Song

Our latest show in The St. Columban Concert Series was titled The Song. Bob put on two evenings, showcasing Michigan songwriters, both veteran and the up and comers. Both were wonderful nights of original music, cementing the fact that Michigan is a fantastic state that cultivates marvelous talent.

Poster design by Celia Nelson.

These are all the performers from the 2nd night.

Jim Nelson

Dave Mervak

Paulina Jayne 
Liz Larin

Audra Kubat

Jill Jack

Jim Nelson

Great Alexander
(I sang with him)

my Prada shoes.

Tommy Porter and Liam Kelley of F8

Rachel lee Williams
Stewart Francke
Olivia Millerschin
Olivia Millerschin

Thanks again to all the performers for participating!
*Thanks to Celia Nelson for the photos.


Lust of the Day

Today's lust worthy piece is a super fun and summer friendly scarf I found on Pinterest. It's called the "Z for Zebra" scarf and it's by online store, Spotted Moth. Here's the best part- it's actually affordable! I can hang with any piece of clothing that has a sense of humor and what's more humorous than 28-odd Zebras around your neck!?

Pretty adorable, huh?
If you can't resist, go here to purchase.
Have an excellent weekend friends!



Local Detroit band, Bright Out asked me to do a vocal track for their cover of Paul McCartney and The Wings "Jet". I was so honored to be asked and happily went to WDET studios in Detroit to record the track. Alex is the founding member of the band, multi instrumentalist, recording engineer and producer. He was so great to work with and I'm really thrilled he asked me to participate in the project.

The song was featured Saturday, 6/16 on Ann Delisi and Rob Reinhardt's Essential Music program on the local NPR station WDET as a day long tribute to Paul McCartney on his 70th birthday.

Happy Birthday to Sir Paul, a life long love and thank you to Bright Out for making great Detroit music.

Fathers Day

I hope that you all had a nice Father's day, whether you celebrated your own father or grandfather, the father of your children or that strong male figure in your life. I really do love that we have one day per year that is dedicated to celebrating each of our parents and or parental figures. Parenting seems like both the most fulfilling but thankless job at the same time. So, thanks Dad for being the best Dad I could ask for.

Grandpa Don and Dad.
My Fathers Father.

Uncle Pat, Grandma Liz, Grandpa Don and Dad at our Father's day breakfast.

Amy and Clara at Bob's Grandpa Brady's 95th Bday/Fathers Day BBQ.

me & Clara

Bob's dad, Tom and my Dad, Jim!

Bob, Ceil and I decided to throw a little fathers day BBQ in honor of our fathers.
Dad wanted burgers and corn on the cob. It was a nice night.
Love you dad!



I want to share some photos with you that have been trapped on my sisters camera for a few weeks, and even though they are from last month, some are just too good not to share. They are from Ceil's 21st bday and from a gig we played in Royal Oak, hence the title of this post: Miscellaneous.

Thanks for accommodating my randomness.