Our dear family friend, Michael Edelman, posted these pics he unearthed from ::gasp:: the 90's! I just love them and wanted to share. Thanks Mike for sending these my way.

my dad.

We can't tell if this is me or Ceil. There is debate. Either way- one of us was real cute.




weekend update

My eye.
Mom is back to work!!!

our gig at Cliff Bells on Saturday. Fun show.

a sneak peek at our save the dates ;)                                                      



uncle rich

My Uncle Rich (dad's little brother) is an artist. He and his wife Kim (my Mom's little sister...yep) own two galleries in North Carolina and have three wonderful kids, Luke, Lily and Sam, whom I adore. You will remember them from my blog posts past, especially from this Christmas. 

Luke is 15 now and I remember the night he was born, my parents waking us up saying "you have a baby cousin and it's a boy!" I could NOT have been more thrilled. Today, Uncle Rich shared his most recent portrait of Luke and I just love it. I really think it represents him so well (Finn the pup too!)

You can take a look at more of Rich's work on his website here.


sweet things

My sister Celia came to town this past weekend and brought her boyfriend home for the first time. We had a weekend filled  with family time. 

On Saturday, we picked up a gift from our friend Ben. 
He painted our album cover!!!! Isn't this incredible!? 

Sunday, Bob and I had our Valentine's date, since we were both working Thursday. He got me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.

AND the coolest gift ever... recently, my Grandpa Don gave me one of his fathers (my great grandfather) glasses that has his initials engraved into it. I adore this glass and yearn for a time when such craftsmanship was considered the norm. Bob, who knows me so well thoughtfully took the glass to an engraver and requested they use the same type to create our very own monogrammed versions. I'm pretty smitten. 

Adolf Lincoln Nelson, Isabel Josephine Nelson, Robert Brady Mervak

I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend.



DO you read the blog, Man Repeller? Because you should. Leandra Medine is a 23 year old fashion genius and very talented writer. When I read her blog I kind of feel like I'm reading an issue of The New Yorker and she's writing their fashion column. After watching the episode below of the Bluefly Closet Confessions, I've fallen for her even more. SO nice to see somebody in fashion who paved her own way, is respected by the vogue-ettes and has a true point of view.

happy weekend!



For all my fellow fashion lovers out there- this is hilarious. 
And if you don't read The Coveteur, you should.



The past few days have been wonderful with Mom being home. I actually went out and had some fun this weekend (vs. being in the hospital). It was so refreshing. Friday night Bob played with our friends John Holk and the Kinfolk, a honky tonk group that I just love. 

Saturday, Bob and I went on a little breakfast date to Pinwheel bakery in Ferndale. They have the most amazing home made pastries, macarons and treats. They also serve delicious coffee and have non-dairy options like almond and soy milk. Speaking of- WHEN will Starbucks start serving something other than Soy milk?!?!

And yes, I was one of those people that bought Mrs. Carter 
tickets today at 10am, the minute they became available. 
SO looking forward to seeing the queen Bey live with Bob, Mom and Ceil. 

ps- Mom is doing wonderfully.
Lots of PT goin on, and she's rockin it.



Guess what!??! My Mom came home yesterday! She got the go ahead around 11:30, I hurried to the hospital by noon and we were home by 5:00! Such a great day. We are SO glad to have her home. Two weeks ago, we asked Dad what he wanted for his birthday and he said "to have Mom home". Yesterday was Dad's 56th bday and Dad, birthday wishes do come true.

Welcome home Momma. 
Here's to a healthy 2013!



Dad is turning 56 on Tuesday so Ceil came to town to celebrate. Saturday, we had a daddy daughter day, like old times. We visited mom in the hospital (she's doing better, thank god), went to Steve's Deli (a Jewish deli) for lunch, took a trip to guitar center (classic daddy daughter day move) and visited Grandma and Grandpa all before seeing Zero Dark Thirty (better than I expected) and having a late night Italian dinner. It was nice to spend the day just the three of us, doing something to take our minds off of the hospital and all of life's worries. 

Hope you had a nice weekend. 

ps- how fab was Beyonce? LOVE.