Kalamazoo in the Spring

Bob and I spent the weekend in Kalamazoo visiting his brother Dan, his wife Amy and our niece Clara. Amy is also expecting a little boy in about a month! We went to two concerts (one was a Ben Folds solo show- amazing! check out Bob's instagram for a snippet @bobmervak), played with our niece, baked banana bread and read so so so many books. 

On our way out to Kzoo, we stopped at a really beautiful park that Bob had been wanting to go to and went for a walk. Its such a treat to be outside!

Baking banana bread with Clara! 
She was really good at shmoosing the banana's!

Clara's first bubbles!

Bob's brother, Dan. Notice the Oberon? Yay Kzoo brewing! 
You know it's spring when you see Oberon on the shelves. :)

We had such a nice visit with our family.

Easter 2014

This year we spent Easter with the Nelson family. My Great Aunt is a nun and she hosted- such a blessing to have so many generations in my family. My Grandparents were there too! Gosh do they crack me up. After dinner, Grandpa fell right asleep- I think he's napped more than any living person- ever. Point is, it was a fantastic day with family. Just as it should be.

In the morning, we had friends over for brunch- we had a friend Easter and then a family Easter! So much wonderfulness!