classic rock kittens

I ran across a most wonderful thing today. Kittens reenacting classic album covers. Yes, you heard that right. NY based artist and musician, Alfra Martini created a series of the album covers, inspired by her own kitten. They are magical.

You can visit her tumblr here to see more!



This past weekend consisted mostly of visiting and spending time with Mom. She's doing better, which is fantastic, but everyday is a new day with new challenges and we hope she continues to grow those platelets! She is still in the hospital but her spirits are high.

Sunday evening, our friends Katie E. and Mike had us over for a fantastic dinner. I am lactose intolerant and our other friends, Katie F. and Andy are vegetarian. Katie E. took on the cooking challenge like a pro and made the most delicious meal. 

Thanks for hosting an awesome night of good food and great friends :)


old pari

A friend of my posted this article on Facebook from the website Curious Eggs. A collection of photographs were recently rediscovered of early 20th Century Paris. Color photography was not the norm for this time.

"All the images shown below were taken using Autochrome Lumière technology. It's an early color photography process, patented in 1903 and invented by the famous French Auguste and Louis Lumière, popularly known as Lumière Brothers. They were the earliest filmmakers in history."


Isn't it fascinating to see these photos knowing this is the way these people lived their lives, yet when we picture it, most of the images we've seen are in black and white. Somehow, the images being in color makes this time feel more real and more relatable. I find them to be really incredible.
Have a nice weekend!
Mom is still in the hospital, please continue to offer your prayers,
good vibes, chants, hums, and intentions her way.


Buffalo Heart

One of my Dad's old band mates from his college blues band (which I learned of today), called Buffalo Heart, ran across these pics from a performance in 1980. They are too good not to share.

The short shorts, the big hair, ah, those were the days. Clearly my Dad is the one with the fro. Such good hair! Why didn't I get those curls?!? And now, he plays guitar with me! I bet he did not think he'd be on stage with his daughter 32 years into the future- he hadn't even met my Mom yet! 

rock on!



Cliff Bells

We recently played at show at Cliff Bells which is an old Detroit Jazz club that originally opened in 1935, designed by the famed Albert Kahn. It is a favorite spot for many Detroiters for a nice night out with good food, old fashioned stiff drinks and guaranteed great live music. 

Poster design by Celia Nelson

all photos by Cliff Bells.

We are playing there again on Saturday February 23rd! Can't wait!


wedding update

We've found a venue, a photographer and my dress and have a pretty good idea for food. Tomorrow we meet with a wedding planner to make even more decisions. Things seem to be falling into place and it feels great. I'd like to share some of my recent Pinterest pins that I'm using for wedding inspiration!

I love the colorful recycled "vases" and the bunches of flowers are so colorful and vibrant. The idea of one type of flower per vase is really appealing to me, rather than mixing flowers. It looks so full!

 I would like a photo like this please and thank you.

Loving peonies for the bouquet.

 White paper lanterns to balance out the COLORFUL 
vases and flowers referenced above?

I'm so excited to start the search for our wedding bands! 
I adore the delicacy of this band. 

LOVE Tadashi Shoji and am considering both 
of these beauties for the rehearsal dinner. 




that cool girl: Lumi

I'm thinking of creating a semi-regular post series called "that cool girl". You know how there's always THAT girl you know, who has this air about her that is SO cool and then you find out she really IS that cool? dang... well here it goes... a girl I went to middle and high school with, Jesse, was really artistic and fun and very smart. She started a T-shirt company in High School and we lost touch in college. We recently reconnected on Facebook and I find out she started her own company out in LA and is doing wonderful things! Take a look...

It's so inspiring to see people you grew up with doing such passionate and wonderful things. Although I also joke with friends that things like this make me feel so unaccomplished, which is kind of true...

Anyways... I love how she's expanding her company Lumi out of just the obvious fashion context and implementing it in design and art and  also introducing it as a technology and providing it to schools and young kids as an outlet for artistic expression. SUCH a cool girl! Here is their website. Go order some Inkodye and try it at home!




After many years of consideration and lots of long talks, Bob and I finally decided to buy a piano. Obviously, for Bob, this has been a life long dream and being he's a professional pianist, we thought it fit to have one in our house. It's really been a joy having a piano, even though it's 7 and a half feet long and takes up a third of our living room... ;)

Now, every time we have company you know someone 
is going to make Bob play a song... I can't wait.