the ceremony

So, I've decided to post some of my favorite pics from the wedding festivities that my friends and family shared with Bob and I. I truly love that people have great camera phones that can capture moments from their perspectives. All of these pics were taken by people we love and it's so awesome to see what they saw. So, until we get the professional pics back, here are some of my favorite shots of the wedding ceremony, held in Barnum Park, Birmingham, MI.

Reception pics to come and then.. the honeymoon!



Well, I've been gone for some time. Because... I got married! Trying to collect all of my photos and thoughts in one space feels overwhelming but I am going to start. In this post are some pics of the day before the wedding. The gals went to get mani pedis and brunch and then I came home to a house full of family and friends rehearsing all of the music they agreed to play at our wedding, it was one of my most favorite moments of the whole wedding weekend. Walking into a room of people who have travelled across the country to be there for you to play and sing for your special day is a really overwhelming (in a fabulous way) feeling. I couldn't help from crying.

The night before the wedding, we took our bridal party to a local brewery, 
Griffin Claw for dinner, drinks and fun before the madness began.
My bridesmaids, Linz and Erin and my MOH & sis, Celia!

My bridal party, aunts and cousins out to brunch.
Here we have family from NC, NY, ND and CA!

Bob's sister Lizzo and my best friend and bridesmaid, Linz, enjoying a 
mimosa and a pedi. What could be better?!

One of my top wedding weekend moments, captured.

At 4pm, we met at the park to do the rehearsal and then went off to my Father in Laws golf club for a delicious and wonderful BBQ rehearsal dinner. 

The kids table! These are my cousins and nephews and I am proud to say that they each had a role in our wedding day, it was so special to have them all involved. Their enthusiasm was inspiring. 

Me and one of my beautiful flower girls, Devin.

my flower girls! Aren't they the MOST adorable ever?!

My Aunt Kimmy, me and Ceil at the Rehearsal. 
My dress is Tadashi Shoji. It's from the same line as my bridesmaids dresses and I was SO jealous of their beautiful gowns, I bought a cocktail 
version for myself to wear for the rehearsal! 

And here are the -previously mentioned in my last post- Julianne Hough collection Valentino knock offs from Nordstrom. They are gorgeous and insanely comfortable. I'm quite pleased with the purchase.

My NY Nelson cousins! xo

and finally, the man that all of this is for, Bob Mervak, my hubby!

A couple sneak peak wedding pics and honey moon photos are to come!