A Sea of Jellies

I've heard of the Pacific island of Palau  a few times before. There is a saltwater lake on the island that used to be connected to the Pacific Ocean before sea levels dropped, cutting off all ties. A handful of Jelly Fish became trapped and the lake now holds an estimated 8 million jellies! Interestingly enough, they've evolved into their own species and their sting is not harmful to humans. Bucket list- swim with 8 million Jelly Fish.

Photographer Kevin Davidson is an underwater photographer and has
been travelling to Palau for 15 years to take photos of tourists 
swimming with the jellies! Aren't the images amazing?

Little known fact- Jelly Fish are my favorite animal!


Lust of the Day

I ran across these Stella McCartney "sunnies" (my tribute to Rachel Zoe) and I Die! (another tribute to Rachel Zoe). Sorry, I can't stop myself sometimes. But honestly, how super Maj are these?! (ok, last one, I swear) Anyways, they are perfect for spring and they come in grey, which we all know by now is one of my favorite colors. Too bad I'm not vacationing to Bora Bora or somewhere tropical so I could come up with an excuse to spend the mu-lah. Although, these would really bring some chicness to my Alaskan adventure in two weeks!

If you are equally smitten, they can be purchased here.


Weekend Update

So, are happy with The Artist winning best picture? I'm not surprised, but I still don't think it should have won. I planned to do a post today of Oscar fashion, but honestly, I am so underwhelmed by the dresses this year! I can't even pick a favorite. It's like they are all in second place to a non existent first I was holding out for but never appeared. Sorry to be so negative about it, but I gotta be honest! Did any dresses blow your mind?

Anyways, my weekend was excellent other than the lack luster fashion! Saturday night Bob and I played at The London Chop House. It was such a fun gig, different from our normal setting, but in a really exciting way. A handful of friends came out in their classy duds to support us and check out the historic restaurant. And the good news is, they asked us back! Here's to many more shows.

Me, Stevie and Vonjie (the fabbest lady I know aka my Shoe Fair God Mother)

Jodi, Jean and Bob (Thanks to Jean for taking some of these photos!)

Sunday consisted of church, sushi lunch at Noble with Mom, a meeting with my dear friend Lisa, whose wedding I am singing at in August and the Oscars at our friends the Garafalos house. Although Mom and I didn't stick to the traditional PJ's, we did still wear lots of pearls, rinestones and gems!!!
Noble Fish is my favorite Sushi place, as you know by now. BUT they have made
improvements! I didn't think the Salmon Nigiri could get any better.
It gets better!The lemon wedges between the fish are completely absorbed
 into the meat and will blow your mind. It's basically all my favorite flavors.
Buttery salmon, salty soy,spicy wasabi, fresh lemon
and the sticky rice to keep things stable. amazing.
Possibly my new favorite thing.

Lunch date with my Momma! xo.

My Oscar assecories (on my top half)

Have a great week!


It's Friday!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I'm hosting an impromptu dinner party at my place with some friends before going to see some live music at PJ's Lager House in Detroit. I'm thinking home made lentil soup and a tasty salad? I gave up meat for lent so it's been difficult coming up with hearty recipes that even the meat lovers will enjoy. Oh, and also I can't eat dairy. Suggestions are welcome!

Last night we saw The Artist. I wanted to see it because everyone is predicting it will win best picture at the Oscars this Sunday. I have to say, I really did enjoy it. Best picture? Not so sure.

Speaking of, I'm really excited for the Oscars this Sunday. Every year my Mom and I wear our PJ's and put on all of our diamond, rinestone and gaudy jewelry! This years menu is pizza. Also, I can't wait for the red carpet!

On Saturday night, Bob and I will be playing at The London Chop House in Detroit with Shannon and a new drummer. I can't wait for this gig. We are doing strictly jazz standards and I couldn't be more excited.

I will leave you with the cutest picture of my little cousin, Josie in her ski outfit. She's really so adorable and I miss her all the time. Have fun on your ski trip little lady! xo.



So, my Dad turned 55 a few weeks ago. He and I are both guilty of LOVING outdoors apparel, even though neither of us are super hard core adventurers. Patagonia is one of my all time favorites. So for his birthday, Mom and I went to Moosejaw and got him two jackets and a pair of smartwools (the BEST socks in the world, I wear them everyday). If you recall in my post about his bday weekend, we made an entire Thanksgiving dinner feast. Needless to say, we were all feeling lazy after that meal. So we were teasing my Dad about wearing his hardcore jacket while sprawled out on the Lazy Boy watching TV.

Bob decided to take a pic and tweet it to Moosejaw (@MoosejawMadness) of Dad being hardcore in his Lazy Boy. Well, while checking my email today, I opened up the Moosejaw Newsletter and there was Dad!!! He's famous! This little story was so hilarious I just had to share it.

If you'd like to read the complete newsletter, go here.


Our Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to our winner, Camille Louis-Ferdinand!

Camille thought she should win an original Dawn Nelson Pinklady hand crocheted hat because, "I will wear the hat around the world and give out her cards also can take a picture of me wearing the hat around the world Can you guess were in the world Dawn's hat is?"

Dawn (Mom) and I loved this idea! Camille will send us pics of her wearing the hat all over the world and I will feature a post, Where in the world is Pinklady? So the fun continues...

As a side note, I tweeted my most favorite blogger, Naomi Davis who writes the blog Rockstar Diaries about our giveaway and she wished us all much luck! I was so smitten that she tweeted me back.

Please check out her blog, Rockstar Diaries.
I guarantee it will become a fast favorite!

 Just be sure to come back and visit Stay on The Ride ;)



I'm anticipating my favorite color for spring will be mint. It's everywhere right now and I'm loving it. (It also pairs wonderfully with grey!) Whether in your home or in your closet, this color really leaves an impression. Here are some of my favorites.

Kate Spade


Do you think I'm on to something?
I sure do.


Weekend Update

This weekend flew by! Don't you hate that? Saturday Bob and I drove to OH to visit my little sister Celia at school. We all drove into Toledo and went to the famous Tony Packo's for the Hungarian "sandwich" which was really more like a coney. It was pretty tasty though, I must admit. Mostly it was so great to spend time with Ceil and be silly and goofy and have fun. It was also a perfect day for a road trip- so nice out!

Sunday started with an early mass, then "It's a Brad Brad World" marathon and then Bob and I were invited to our friends Ben and Zak's house for a fantastic brunch. Zak is one of the  best cooks I know and it is always such a treat to be invited over.

Tony Packo's was often referenced in the show MASH

The famous dog, stuffed cabbage and dumplings.
Ceil and I split it! I swear!

I was so tired from the drive- had to get a little rest in
before heading back to the mitten!

I was super stoked when Brad tweeted me back!
ps- follow me on twitter @isabeljosephine

Testing out my new lipstick color and loving it.

Mimosas at brunch.

These are my new favorite form of potato. SO GOOD.

Ben and Bob with the spread!

Have a good Monday!


Crochet Rock Star Giveaway

Dawn Nelson of Birmingham is one of the many crocheters who works without a pattern.

My amazing and talented Mom was featured in the Detroit News (click to read the full length article) this morning for her hats that she crochets and sells at The Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, MI. So proud of her.

I've decided to host my first giveaway! One lucky reader will win a Dawn Nelson original hand made hat of your choice! You just need to "like" my Stay on the Ride Facebook page (click the link) and leave a comment on the blog below with reason(s) you think you should be the owner of one of these incredible hats and a winner will be announced next week.

Game on!


The London Chop House

Last night, Bob, Colton and Shannon played at the re-opening of The London Chop House on E. Congress in Detroit's financial district. It was a private opening, but Bob managed to get Mom and I on the list. It was so fun to get gussied up and go downtown. I wore my new Manolo's and was greeted with champagne at the coat check. Wonderful.

The London Chop House was in business for 50 years and closed in 1991. It was a critically acclaimed restaurant, named one of the top 10 restaurants by James Beard in 1961 and repeatedly placed in the top 25 in Playboy. Local business men, car execs, ad men, athletes and celebrities were the nightly clientele. Many have graced the stage including Barbara Streisand and it is rumored Frank Sinatra would sing a tune here and there between cocktails. It was truly an honor to play a few songs up there and I can only hope that the famed Chophouse will return to it's original grandeur in the grand city of Detroit.

They have these original bright red phone booths near the bar.
Local calls, 10 cents.

Some clips of our songs, The Pie Song and Kalamazoo from last night.