weekend update

We had the most beautiful weather on Saturday in Detroit. It was 72 and sunny, not a cloud in sight and everybody in Detroit was out and about. I went on three walks, ran errands, found my wedding shower dress (!!!) and hung out with some fantastic people.


Bob, looking deep in thought at our gig Friday at the Rooster Tail, Detroit river.

We celebrate Daveo's birthday (bob's little brother and best man) and 
walked into town for lunch and frozen yogurt. 

I have a few girlfriends who are also all engaged right now so we decided to have a night out to gab about wedding plans, eat good food and have a 
glass of wine. It was so nice out, we sat outside!


lady like

I don't know if it's the ring on my finger, the spring air or my upcoming tea party bridal shower, but I'm having a serious lady like moment when it comes to what I envision my spring/summer style to be. I know I'm not the only one who day dreams in outfits, taking mental inventories of my closet, deciding what looks to create this spring. ...at least I don't think I'm alone in doing this...
Here are some of my latest inspirations.

all photos found via pinterest.

Notice the pairings with the pointed toe shoe. delish.
Again, I cannot get the Valentino rock stud shoes out of my mind. I'm hoping the eBay gods will shine down on me and a pair will pop up at a ridiculously good price for me to snag.


concert poster

This is our latest concert poster designed by my little 
sister Celia and I couldn't love it more.




I went to visit my best friend Lindsay in Fargo recently. She moved to Fargo to be an Orchestra teacher. Orchestra was such a huge part of our lives growing up together so it was so fantastic to not only visit Linz in her new life (with a new boyfriend!!) but also to see her in her element, teaching her students. I have to say, Fargo isn't the greatest destination spot but the downtown is so adorable and I met some very nice and genuine people. It actually snowed about 10" after I left... good timing on my part, right!?

Thanks Linz for having me.



Some things I've been up to lately....

Bob bought tulips for our place and they are all leaning into the light.     Perhaps I should follow suit.

I can't decide if I adore the owner of this vehicle or despise them. 

One thing's for sure... I know I adore this guy.
Not only were there buds popping their heads out on my morning walk but they are actually starting to bloom! Spring is finally here! It's been a long winter Detroit... better make this summer one of the best.


Marina Abramovic

This is incredibly moving. I found this link on a favorite blog of mine, Cup of Joe. The artist Marina Abramovic did a 2010 performance art piece at the Museum of Modern Art, where she sat in a chair, and, one by one, people could sit opposite her and look into her eyes. It was a powerful experience even with strangers, but then her former love Ulay arrived without her knowledge. This video shows the moment she sees him. Apparently they had had a passionate love affair back in the 70s, but when they felt the relationship was fizzling, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting in the middle for a last hug and never seeing each other again. Here they are, meeting once again.


Belated Easter

This years Easter was really nice. It ended up being a beautiful day outside, which was not expected, and we managed to see both of our families, stress free! I hope you also had a nice day with your families. 



Clara is 1.

Our niece Clara turned 1 so we threw her a birthday party!
We decided to go with a spring theme, seeing as her birthday fell one day before Easter this year. It was a beautiful sunny day. We painted bird houses, ate carrot cake and opened gifts. A wonderful day.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, we hope you had a good day.
We sure enjoyed celebrating you.
love, your future Aunt Izzy and Uncle Bob.