Thanksgiving day parade

Every year Bob and I go to the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade! It was a tradition my parents started when we were young but began to poop out on as I became a teenager. Bob and I have picked it back up with full force and are quite serious about it. This year we got Ceil to come with us! It was a gorgeous and warm day, which is rare, usually we can hardly feel our toes by the end of the parade, this year we were sweating! Here are some shots from the parade!

Santa has officially arrived and the holiday season is upon us.
I've already got about 40% of my holiday shopping done! 
(thank god for online shopping)



I have something fab to share with you- personalized magnets of your favorite photos, delivered to your door in days, aka, Stickygram. I discovered Stickygram via another blog about a week ago and immediately ordered two sheets. As an instagram addict, I had plenty of photos on my account to choose from to make into magnets for the fridge! This is such a neat concept and I am loving these personal photos on display in my kitchen.

How it works...
on my fridge...
You can visit Stickygram here to order your very own.
This is not a sponsored post, I just really love this idea.


Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving friends, family and followers. I am so thankful for each and every one of you that happen to read my blog, stumble upon it or check it daily. You all make this so fun! I hope you enjoy your holiday and feel much gratitude for the people in your lives. We will be at the parade in the morning and eating the rest of the day ;)

image found via pinterest
As my friend Alex would say, peace and love turkeys!



Bob recently played at the tree lighting ceremony downtown Detroit and I of course had to show my support and also attend! It was such a gorgeous and festive evening downtown Campus Martius and it was truly thrilling to see so many people out and about downtown.

After the tree lighting we went to the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC)
 for a cocktail with our friend John.
Isn't this bar just too cool?
John then invited us to Hob Nobble Gobble, which is a big black tie charity event at Ford Field (where the Lions play) for the Parade Company. Many of the famous Detroit Thanksgiving day parade balloon floats are there for decoration, the food is amazing, the drinks are flowing and there are carnival rides! It's quite an impressive event. Thanks John for the invite!



kathy griffin

For my birthday, Mom took me to see Kathy Griffin live! My best friend Lindsay's mom, Joellen also joined in for the fun. It was a pretty great show. She seems to really like Detroit and I love how even though she has won multiple Emmy's, has a TV show on Bravo and sells out theatres nation wide, she still feels like she hasn't quite made it. It truly adds to her comedy, but to us and "her gays" as she refers to a large portion of her fan base, she is a star!

Getting dinner before the show was a nightmare. We waited at Ronin sushi for an eternity, even though they told us the wait was very short, before leaving in a desperate state of hunger with very little time to make the show. 
We had Wendy's for dinner.... oh my. 

The beautiful Fox Theatre.

Thanks Kathy for a great show, a fun night and a stellar evening to celebrate my birthday (and no, I was not the drunk birthday girl who kept talking to you on stage. Though she was hilarious).



wedding board

well, it is now officially appropriate for me to have a wedding board on Pinterest and of course I get engaged two days after Ben at Pinterest announces the addition of "secret boards". haha. So, if you want to follow me and my wedding pins, go here. And below are some of my favorite pins so far.

It's so hard to settle on things that you like when planning a wedding because it is all so pretty and every wedding that is featured is beautiful in it's own way. Bob and I have decided to marinate in the engagement until after Thanksgiving, at which time we will dive in with the intention to have fun!



Bob and I are engaged! I had one of the greatest days of my life Sunday, 11/11/12 and here is how it all went down...

Bob had a surprise birthday "date day" planned for me and it started with breakfast at Toast.

Then we went for a walk at Cranbrook, one of our favorite places.

This is the spot in Cranbrook where Bob proposed... and I said YES!

We then had a celebratory tea at the Townsend Hotel. We were on cloud nine.

The day kept going... he then took me to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for a matinee performance.

and then! he booked a theatre for us to have a private screening of "Garden State", a movie that is very special to us and one of our favorites.

After the movie we went home and he told me to put on a dinner dress. I was super confused when he pulled up in front of his own apartment. We walked to the backyard where a big tent stood and when he opened it, our family and a few close friends were singing Happy Birthday to me! They had NO idea we had just gotten engaged, they all thought it was a surprise Birthday dinner. We shared our news and suddenly, I was at my own engagement party. It was incredible and perfect. Our friend Zak is an amazing chef, he catered the sit down dinner. My favorite music was playing in the background and Bob bought all of my favorite drinks (pims, oberon, New Zealand sauvignon blanc). The night was just perfect and I was so happy to share this day with the people we love the most. Bob made this day so perfect.