life lately...

Hi! I've been a bad blogger, I know. But here's a fun recap of what I've been up to the last couple of weeks...

My sister Celia got me this gorgeous cocktail ring for my bday.

Saw my lovely hubby play a solo Christmas show. 
He still continues to amaze me with his talent. 

Our dear friend Devin got us tickets to see Elf The Musical as a wedding gift.
It was so so cute and really put me in the holiday spirit. It also happened to be at the Detroit Opera House which is such a beautiful space. 
It was a great date night. 

 I had my girlfriends over for dinner and they graciously agreed to help me make a cake from scratch in celebration of Bob's birthday. I haven't baked a cake since home ec class in the 7th grade. It turned out super yummy. Thank god for Martha Stewart's easy to follow recipes! Thanks gals for your help!

I hosted a holiday bauble bash for the Pink Lady, aka, my Mom at the Rust Belt Market. We had wine, snacks and tried on so.much.jewelry.  

My Mom's #armparty
Thanks, Man Repeller for coining the term we all knew but couldn't quite define.

Bob, Dad and our friends Jeff (Bass) and Stephen (drums) played a fantastic Christmas concert on Friday evening. It's such a treat to play with these very talented guys.The Christmas shows have been plentiful this year and we of course have been sneaking holiday songs into our regular sets. Although Bob has been home sick, I'm really excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple together this year. I hope he can recover quickly so we can celebrate this season together. I have about a week off of work and I can't wait to get some good family time in. I also need to catch up on my shows (HOMELAND!). Be back in the next couple of days with a Christmas post!

Merry Christmas to you and your families.


Lupita Nyong'o

Did you see 12 Year's a Slave? It was intense, maybe a bit too intense at moments, but clearly a very realistic portrayal of one man's story from that time. A stand out actress and a newcomer to the Hollywood scene was Lupita Nyong'o. Lupita is a Kenyan actress and filmmaker. She attended the Yale theatre program and this was her first film role upon graduation. Talk about a good first gig!

I'm totally nuts about her style- she takes risks and has fun with her dressing yet still has an air of sophistication and her looks are classic. 
She's one to watch.

Have a great weekend.
It's Bob's birthday, so we have lots of fun things planned.


Thanksgiving in NC

This year, Bob, Ceil and I decided to travel down south to visit our family in North Carolina. We had a splendid Thanksgiving and such a relaxing and fun visit! My Aunt and Uncle live on Hogback Mountain, with their three children. It's so beautiful and peaceful- can't wait to get back. 


My SC cousins, Jacob, Jared, Jason and Justin.
And their crazy Dad, my Uncle Kirk. (Aunt Kim's twin brother!)

Kim, Bob, Me, Luke, Lily, Celia, Sam, Grandpa Jack and Grandma Coco visiting Uncle Rich's new gallery in Asheville. Did I mention he's an artist?!

Shopping in Asheville- what a fun city. So many awesome small businesses.

My Grandma purchased the hat, scarf and sunglasses. 
She couldn't resist the whole look!

Me and Aunt Kim.

We had a gig while we were in NC! We opened for my Uncle Rich's band, 176.

My Grandma Coco and Grandpa Jack came to see us play.

Uncle Rich!

We sat in with them on "The Weight". Such a fun night.

Hope you all had a splendid Thanksgiving and I hope it was filled with love, family and relaxation. Our was filled with many travel hours but spending those few precious days with our Tryon, NC family made every hour worth it. 


*photos by myself, Celia Nelson, Bob Mervak and Kirk Westervelt.