Pinky Frenchie

I saw blogger Oh Joy! post a pic of a mani a couple weeks back on instagram (totally worth following, she and her daughter Ruby are adorable). It was a french but had neon pink tips. I'm a manicure junkie. Manicures are such a luxury but something I would rather spend money on than going out to dinner or getting a daily Starbucks- it's an hour for me to zone out and treat myself every other week. 

This week, I had to get something that would last two weeks for an upcoming trip to Scottsdale and then to SXSW for work. It had to be neutral so you couldn't notice the grow out but I still wanted something fun- so I stole Joy's idea and got a colorful French!

Can't wait for my upcoming trips to AZ and TX, two states 
I've never visited and they are WARM. 


Boston Continued

Finally got the rest of the Boston pics off the camera. We had such an awesome visit. Riz is family and it was like old times being together again. Can I just say how much I love Boston?! It's such a fantastic city. I really admire that the city has kept it's history alive while continuing to grow and develop. Some of the historic apartment buildings and brownstones were just dreamy. Boston really does hold a sweet place in my heart, it's such a special city.

The morning after the wedding, Riz took us to his favorite breakfast spot, Wilson's Diner. We had a delicious and filling breakfast (to soak up those wedding party drinks) and it was truly an authentic American Diner. The best!

^^ There are four people in this picture ;)  ^^

 For our last night in town, we went to China town and had the most authentically Chinese meal I've had since I was in China. 

And our last meal in Boston was... Lobster Rolls!!! 
Can you tell how large a part of our travel consists of FOOD?!

Until next time, I love you Boston.
Thanks for the great weekend Riz.