let's get some shoes

Ok, I've talked about my shoe goals in the past on this here blog of mine. In the past year, I've added the rockstud Valentino's pictured below. They run about $1,000 a pop, which is beyond my shoe realities. So, I've been waiting and waiting for a good knock off and have finally found them!

Thanks to Juilanne Hough (???!!) for making a shoe line (???) that is carried at Nordstrom (???). THE most random shoe designer (wasn't she on Dancing with the Stars?) ok, anyways, I'm just glad I found a pair! For less than $60! I plan to rock these at my rehearsal dinner.

So, as you can see, they're close enough to the real deal as I can get on my realistic pre wedding budget (even on Ebay the Valentino's go for around $700). If you want to join me in my Valentino wana-be happiness, you can buy them here. They also come in black!


Bachelorette Weekend!

My favorite girls all in the same place for one weekend with wine, good food and a lake?!? What a dream. I had the very best bachelorette weekend EVER! 

The girls all chipped in and got me the most gorgeous Clare Vivier bag with my new monogram on it! Thanks girls for everything, it was a weekend I will remember always. 
xo, iz