Halloween...so far

Halloween has been great so far! Saturday, we played our gig at The Rustbelt Market in Ferndale in zombie costumes, and afterward I went to the most spectacular Halloween party I've ever seen!!! The theme was "The Devil's Garden" and it completely blew my mind. It was at the home of a professional party/event planner, so I shouldn't have been surprised, but man oh man was it super fab!!!

All of our work events went really well and some of my coworkers turned out in really clever and intricate costumes. Tonight will be passing out candy and having dinner at a friends house.

Happy Halloween!

Merlson, zombie style!

creepy plant, lit from inside, and yes, it was real!

Anne, me & Jodi
Put a bird on it!

moss chandelier

witch fingers... classic

Food table, so amazing!

It's a Golden Girl zombie!

The Queen and the Mad Hatter!

Hope you all have a great halloween, be safe!


Halloween at Work

At work, I am sitting on the Halloween planning committee, and man are we going all out! We are an ad agency of course, so we have access and resources to many great things, including amazing art directors, copiers, designers, ect. These are our internal posters for our 3 main events coming up on Monday. Aren't they amazing?!

Costume contest.

Decorating contest.

Murder mystery!



Choir & Trivia

Last night we had choir, where my friend and fellow choir member Sarah, who just had a baby boy brought him in for his first visit! They had the funniest halloween passifier EVER!

After choir, Bob and I met up with our friend Jayme for a beer and some trivia! We got 2nd place!!! Mt. Chalet is this bar right near my parents house, they have awesome food and it's super low key, which I really dig.

Babies, trivia and a good night with friends always make
the world seem like a lovely place, don't they!?


Matchbook Magazine

I stumbled upon a treasure! I'm loving this online magazine, Matchbook Magazine, and I feel like it was made for me! It touches on fashion, design, jewels, travel, craftsmanship, food, eccentricities, books, music, and amazing women. The aesthetic of the magazine is an interesting mix of quirk and class, and I think I love it!

These are the founders, Jane and Katie.
too cute.



Weekend Update

This weekend was really nice. We had things planned, but not so much that we were held prisoner by our own calendars. Friday night I went to see Evil Dead the Musical, with two dear friends, Nick and Jayme (we've been friends since middle school!). We sat in the splash zone and got completely soaked with Zombie blood, so sick. Saturday I took Bob's Mom, Pat and sister, Liz to get haircuts at my guy, Brad, who works at Dye in Ferndale. They both loved their new looks! Later that night we went to the Woodward Avenue Brewery for a co workers birthday.

Sunday was per usual, and ended up being quite relaxing. I got all caught up on Parks and Rec and Rachel Zoe! Later that evening we took dinner over to my Ggrandparent's and then Dad and I topped the weekend off with an episode of the new season of Dexter! What a life...

Normal Iz, Nick & Jayme

ZOMBIE Iz, Nick & Jayme!

Bob and I took a really nice walk downtown Birmingham and
stumbled across this "living art" project the Detroit Institute of Arts
is doing to bring historical art into public spaces.

All bundled up on our walk

This is Bob pretending that he's painting, so silly

Dad visited Ceil at school for "Dad's Day"
and they went Apple Picking!

Lizzo's new do.

Brad & Liz

I saw this awesome painting in a gallery on our walk

Ok, not gonna lie... I didn't even know
Brussel Sprouts grew on stalks!



I love Fall walks! You get all bundled up and it's chilly out but still so nice! Our walk may have been my favorite part of our weekend, even though I was hesitant to go (I always am such a couch potato), it was the best!



Merlson (my band with Bob and my Dad) had a band rehearsal recently to brush up on some tunes, since we have two gigs this coming weekend! While Bob and my Dad were working some instrumentation out, I got bored and took some pics. Welcome to the inside of a Merlson rehearsal!

Thrilling, I know.



These are some DIY projects I've had in the back of my mind lately that I would love to try! As stated before, I love crafting, but I am a lazy crafter. I don't like anything that is too time consuming, because the whole point is to have fun and not to get all stressed out. These look like they would fit my criteria!

Colander Lamp!
Indoor Herb Garden!

Take an old frame and insert cork board!
You can cover cork with a cool fabric or print.

Cut a globe in half--- great lamps!

Spray pain mason jars gold for chic holding

Holiday Decoration!- Dip pine cones in white paint
Some gold Martha Stewart Glitter would look great on the edges too!
I can't wait to try some of these! Now that's it's chilly out, I'll need some indoor activities for rainy cold weekends, and some of these are just perfect.




So, I finally caved and bought my first bottle of Chanel polish. I have to say, I can really tell the difference in the quality of the polish. It goes on so smoothly, dries quickly and has major staying power. The color is so unique and other brands I love like OPI and Essie are not making colors this special right now. Say hello to Chanel Peridot, Fall collection 2011.

So pretty and so fun!



Bob and I are very proud to announce our new CD, "Bob & Iz". We are blessed to have had so many talented and wonderful Detroit musicians whom we call friends, play on our CD! We are proud of our work and hope that you can find some joy in it. These are all songs that are very dear to Bob and I, mostly old jazz standards from the 1940's. Many thanks to Celia, my incredibly talented sister, who did all of our artwork, design and photography!

Bob also just released an EP of originals! These are all songs that he's written over the past two years. He is playing with his trio, and my Dad, Jim is playing all guitar tracks. I also got to sing background vocals! I'm so proud of Bob and this accomplishment. It takes a lot of courage to write such personal songs and to release them to the world. I think they are fantastic and I was so honored to be a part of his project! Celia did all design for Bob's EP, and I did the photography.

Both albums are on iTunes!
Check em out!


Cider Mill

This weekend, Bob and I hit up the Cider Mill! A Michigan tradition. We had such a fun time, eating fresh donuts, drinking fresh pressed cider, feeding the ducks on the nearby river, eating fresh corn on the cob and taking a lovely fall drive. That is the one fall day I look forward to every year, and it was great!

We love to take drives in the fall

This is the original water wheel that used to power the
apple press. The mill was founded in the late 19th Cent.

Corn Flute

What are your fall traditions? Things you do every season that without them makes the year feel incomplete?