Blue Moon

Is anyone else excited by this Blue Moon?! Every two-three years, depending on the leap year, there is a blue moon, which is an extra full moon in the lunar cycle. The month of August has two full moons this year. The next blue moon will be in July 2015! So take advantage and do something you would only do "once in a blue moon" tomorrow!

Ironically, the blue moon falls on Neil Armstrong's funeral date.
The first man to walk on the moon's life is being celebrated on the day of a
blue moon- how cosmic is that!?



dream job?

A few years back, my senior year in college, I was walking by the storefront of the Birmingham, MI Anthropologie, obviously a store I adore. There was a poster advertising an opening for a window design intern. It really peaked my interest but at the time I was not able to even apply, seeing as I was in school and two hours away. BUT, that has always stuck in my head. I love display design and Anthropologie takes it to a whole other level. They employ artists and dreamers to come up with the most gorgeous, clever and creative designs. The latest being a handmade flower theme that I am just so nuts about- plus, Anthropologie FINALLY created a category on their Pinterest account titled "Store Windows" and needless to say, I'm a little obsessed, I mean look at this...

They are using an herbal tea to die the paper!

I can't wait to see what else this pinterest page has in store (no pun intended).
And I secretly wish I took that internship and was
doing this for a living right now.


Date Night

Last night, Bob and I went on a date. It was so nice to sit somewhere quiet, eat good food and be together, just the two of us. Life has been pretty exciting and fast lately, so much so that even though we're together a lot- gigging, our LA trip, etc.- it's mostly work related and there are distractions. It's good to strip all that away and to take a moment, enjoying each other's company, away from all the wonderful but sometimes overwhelming craziness.

Oh yea, and then we topped off the evening with an episode of The Newsroom. Our new favorite.


Back to the G-rap

My college friend and old roommate, Brad came to Grand Rapids from DC this past weekend and because we haven't seen each other in two years, I decided to take a little solo road trip out there for a visit. It just so happened there was also a baby shower for our buddy Marko, many other pals to catch up with and a brunch with some of my favorite women.

One thing I've missed most about Grand Rapids is the food. They have great little restaurants around town, mostly in the little neighborhoods, that I've missed so much.

A trip to Marie Catrib's with Brad and Ken.
I can't believe how good the Porto sandwich is.
If you are in GR, this place is a MUST for lunch.

Alex & Tim at Marko's baby shower.
photo by Ken

Jen & Brad (Joe accidentally photo bombing)

A trip to Founders!

The Moose Cafe, Aquinas College. Lots of studying done here.
I also spent my 20th birthday here with all of my friends awaiting the 08' election results. It was an amazing night as Obama was elected President- I volunteered for the campaign in college and it was a big moment for me in addition to my many friends who also volunteered.

Brad & I in the same city!

The coolest menu for another favorite place to eat in GR, Gaia.

The Academic building, Aquinas College.
Mex Brex, pretty much my favorite breakfast on the planet, made at Gaia.

These women are SO important to me. Susan, Marisa and Rachel.
Susan was my professor and boss. She runs the Women's Studies department at Aquinas College and also runs the Women's Studies Center, which I worked at for 3 of my 4 years at Aquinas. Marisa and Rach both worked in the center too. We travelled to NYC, DC, and New Orleans together for conferences in addition to spending everyday together planning events and deepening our knowledge of feminism. This experience was the most influential, positive and loving part of my college career and my time in Grand Rapids.

The adorable little Gaslight Village Starbucks I spent a lot of study time at!


one last party...

We put together a little Detroit screening of "Hit & Run" so that our friends, family and fellow musicians who played on the soundtrack but hadn't yet seen the film could all view it together! Crazy enough, Detroit Tiger, Prince Fielder was also in the theatre, although not as a guest of ours (we can pretend though, right?!)
Bob, Prince and Danielle!

After the film, which I must say, I haven't gotten sick of seeing yet, our wonderful and generous friend, Dan offered to host a little after party at his awesome mid century home. It was so much fun to get together, to celebrate, and to catch up with people we haven't seen in quite some time.

Thanks Dan for the wonderful party!


A Love Letter

Photo from the Huffington Post slide show of Traverse City

The Huffington Post has a section dedicated to people writing Love Letters to the places they love the most. They call it "an anthology of reflections on American places". The most recent love letter was written by Mario Batali and he wrote it to Traverse City, Michigan.

Dear Traverse City,

I first laid eyes on you over a decade ago. My wife, Susi, and I rented a house on a little beach for a week. The next year it was two weeks, the next year three, then four. I couldn't resist. I was hooked.

I am madly in love with the Leelanau Peninsula and everything about it.

Somehow you've remained unknown, a relative secret. With Caribbean-blue waters and Sahara Desert dunes, you're a gem hidden in the Midwest, far from the gaze of East Coasters.

Your summers boast a roster of festivals celebrating the bounty of your surroundings: cherries and filmmakers, local trout and whitefish, winemakers, craft ale brewers and even a couple of cider pubs. Joyfully you have become a modern gastro-paradise.

For long I've thought New York City was my one true love. But you've proven to be the perfect antidote to the bustle of the city; and she the perfect antidote to the stillness of Lake Michigan. I will spend all of my holidays with you but ssshhhhh...no one needs to know but us.

Until next summer.
Mario Batali

How cool is that? He is right, Traverse City is a hidden gem and I've never met a person who visited and didn't fall in love. Thanks for giving Michigan some props Mario, we need more people like you.



Hit & Run Soundtrack

Well friends, Hit & Run hits theatres TODAY!
Also, the soundtrack is now available for purchase via iTunes here!

Don't get me started on why my name is just listed as "Isabel". We asked for it to say "Bob & Iz" and Lakeshore Records screwed it up- thanks guys.
All my friends are trying to cheer me up about it like-
just think of Cher, Madonna, Prince, Usher, etc.
It isn't helping.
BUT, I'm not going to completely let it ruin my exciting moment that
I'm on a soundtrack!!!
AND I'm SO beyond proud of Bob for his accomplishment.
If you are so inclined- go buy the soundtrack- we will make like $0.40!!!
And go see the movie. Roger Ebert gave it a fantastic review here.


LA part II

Not only did we have awesome once in a life time moments and adventures, we also got to spend some really quality time with our friends and family. We ate great food (oh my god, the french toast at Square One is amaze-balls and the Bad Ass (vegan) Breakfast sandwich at locali  may be one of the best things I've ever tasted), including an In-n-Out trip! We had a fantastic day at the beach with my Aunt Cassie and cousins Bennett and Josie and had a pool party with some buddies! Of course we can't thank Uncle Joe and Aunt Cassie enough for letting us stay in their gorgeous home with them for the week, you guys are the BEST!

We rented a 2013 Ford convertible Mustang for the trip and called it...
"The car of the future"

We took a trip to the infamous Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills and stood in line for 15 minutes to get a cupcake! It was good but not the best I've had.

Oh, LA, until next time.
Thanks for always being so good to us.