Queen Bey loves Detroit

This was my favorite moment of the Beyonce show. 
It felt good to have her giving our city so much 
love and support in this time of transition and turmoil.
It really fostered a loving and connected feeling in that giant stadium.

Thanks Bey.


life lately

Life has been reallll busy lately. This wedding planning thing is NO joke. We've been managing to still find time to do some fun stuff though including a few gigs, a quick trip to the beach in Traverse City, a Beyonce concert, an art fair AND my cousin Luke stayed with us all week from NC. We took him to get a real coney at Lafayette downtown, picked out a new pair of frames, and Bob took him to the zoo and Cedar Pointe while I was at work! (yay! for them, boo! for me). 

My sweet new pair of shoes, major score at TJ's for $20! 
Can't wait to rock these this fall. 

 We filmed a kickstarter video with Groove Box Studios Detroit with the honky tonk band we play in, John Holk and The Sequins! I'll share once it's released!

 We played a fun gig at Toast and my sister Celia did the adorable poster. 

Me, Dad, Ceil and Mom waiting for the Queen Bey (Beyonce) to come on stage!



LA Birthday!

While Bob and I were in LA, our cousins Josie and Bennett had their birthday parties! Josie's was a mermaid theme and my Aunt went Pinterest crazy on this party. She did such an incredible job, as you'll see in the pics below. Bennett's was really all about the water slide, can you imagine 20-some 11 year olds all in the same pool?! It was chaos but super fun.

Happy birthday my adorable cousins.
xo, iz


Questlove and Trayvon Martin

Questlove is the drummer and band leader of Grammy award winning band, The Roots and is a producer for artists such as John Legend, Amy Winehouse, Erykha Badu, JayZ, Jill Scott and a bunch of other artists I adore. He has a reputation of being a very thoughtful man and recently wrote a book, "Mo Meta' Blues", in which he tells a story about how he ended up in an empty roller rink at 4am with Common, waiting for Prince to show up 2 hours late, simply to roller skate. Questlove wrote a really touching and thought provoking piece about the way the Trayvon Martin case and it's final ruling (G. Zimmerman NOT GUILTY), made him feel. It was so enjoyable to read something so political from such a personal space. This whole case has sort of overwhelmed me. I feel angry, sad and embarrassed at times by the decision that was made. If you're as worn out and jaded by the Barbara Walters-esque news coverage of this whole case as I am, then read this essay by Questlove. He will take you back to a place of feeling and gut and heart.


Elie Saab

Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer and his latest collection made my jaw drop. 
Check out these gorgeous gowns.

 yes please!


wedding shower

Here are some beautiful shots of our wedding shower by Detroit photographer, Mary Baj. It was such a fantastic day, thrown by my very best friend, Linz. 
I LOVE tea, so naturally, it was a tea party. 
Linz made all of the food from scratch, it was incredible. 

Bob and I can't believe how fast it flew by, which only 
means the wedding day will fly by even faster!


 This is the beautiful bracelet my sister got for me, my "something old" and "something blue". It's a vintage deco rhinestone bracelet in perfect condition and she had my wedding date engraved on the back. 
It's such a special gift from the most special girl.

It's all feeling very real.