christmas day

Christmas day started with an early morning church mass then off to my parents to open gifts! I love passing out all the gifts I've been buying and thinking of the past few months and receiving my families equally thoughtful gifts. We usually change into our jammies, eat breakfast (Dad made french toast!), drink coffee and listen to Christmas music. This year, we were scanning the radio for a holiday station and landed on wdet, where we were singing "Mistletoe and Holly" on the radio! Now THAT was a cool moment- to unexpectedly hear yourself on the radio!!! 

my new jCrew coat Bob got for me!

ceil will kill me for posting this but I just love how she looks like a little kid on christmas morning. She's just so happy opening her gifts. 

Moose (turtle) and Chicky (cat) celebrated Christmas morning with the family. 

After gifts with my parents, we headed to Bob's families house. 

We had a bit of a dance party.

Which then turned into karaoke, naturally Amo used her stocking for her mic.

Clara wanted to join in. She LOVES the piano!

 Bob's nephews Charlie and Jeremy wrote a Christmas song! 
It was actually really good and adorable. 

This year was a great Christmas, our first and last as an engaged couple.
I hope your Holiday was excellent!

christmas eve

Christmas Eve is big for the Nelson family. This year was even more special with Kim, Rich, Luke, Lily and Sam in town too! Before we head to church for the big choir performance (which Bob had been preparing for months), we go to Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's for a big family dinner and gift exchange. 


Toast 3

Our third gig at Toast had to be the best yet. We had family and friends in town, including my Uncle Rich who sat in on a few tunes! Such a fun night.



getting ready for xmas

Bob and I had fun getting ready for Christmas this year (with Ceil's help of course)! It's so much more fun to decorate the house and have a tree when you have a home. This living together thing is pretty fantastic. 

merry christmas!