Last night Bob and I went bowling with my good friend Jayme! Our lane kept having issues so Bob made a joke to the guys- "Maybe to make up for the trouble you can take us in the back" and the guy was like "ok!". We were SO excited. I've always wanted to see the back of a bowling alley, the way it works has always been such a mystery! Honestly, it was really cool. These machines are original to the alley, circa 1950's! It was a really neat thing to see.

Needless to say, we. were. amazed!


Turkey Recap

I hope you had a lovely Turkey Day!!!

I couldn't resist sharing these lovely Thanksgiving images with you.

Our Thanksgiving was really nice. We woke up early and went to the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade, as we do every year! A fantastic tradition if I do say so myself. Of course a nap followed and then it was off to Grandma's for dinner, Part I. In the evening, Bob and I went to his parents house for the Mervak dinner, Part II. We had a really nice time playing with his little nephews and then wrapped up the evening with a glass of wine.

Friday, we met up some friends in from out of town at Redcoat (best burger ever). Alex was in from Utah and Erin from Chicago. It was great being back together with best friends over the Holiday. Since becoming an "adult", one of my most favorite parts of the Holiday's is that my closest friends come into town for a visit. Speaking of out of town friends, Sunday, we got Brunch at D'Amatos in Royal Oak, they have a great live band (our friend Shannon plays bass), that plays 1920's type jazz, it's real classy. We went with my friend Brenda and her man friend Tom. Brenda was in town from Atlanta.

Saturday Bob and I went to see the Watch the Throne tour with JayZ and Kanye West. It was amazing!!! Those guys are seriously so talented. I was really crazy impressed. And I now have a new found crush on JayZ. He was just so happy to be there and so happy to perform, he couldn't keep a smile off his face, it was so cute.

Overall, I had a really great, relaxing, fun break, filled with good food, friends, family, good music and naps. What more could a girl ask for?! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving break, bursting with the things and people you are most thankful for.

Bob & I at the Parade

Ceil and the Christmas Penguin float!

These are my favorites- The Heads!
These have been in the parade since the 1930's!

Dad at the Parade

It's the last float, Santa!
Christmas season has officially begun!

Family photo at the parade.
Mom, Ceil, Dad, Me & Bob

Mom & Grandma at Thanksgiving Dinner

Grandpa is carving the Turkey, he's so cute.

Alex & Nick at Redcoat. YUM.

Erin at Redcoat.

Kanye & JayZ

Bob & I, making our Gangsta faces at the concert.

Tom & Brenda at brunch.

Bacon, Avocado and Basil Aoli Panini with Rosemary Potato Hash.

Bob & I at Brunch.

Have a good week!


The Mitch Albom Show

Yesterday, we played on the Mitch Albom show! Mitch is a well know Detroiter, Journalist, Author, Sports Enthusiast and now Film Maker. He hosts a radio program in Detroit M-F, 760AM, WJR. Yesterday we had the honor of playing four tunes to promote our new CD, "Bob & Iz". My Dad, Jim played guitar with us, we also had our friends Mike on drums and Shannon on bass. Mom came along as our official groupie! After the show, we went to Slows BBQ--SO GOOD-- and some additional friends met up for some grub. I was so shocked when I walked in the door and my little sister, Celia was standing there! She came home early for Thanksgiving and surprised us all! A great ending to a great day.

Happy day before Thanksgiving!
I am Thankful for all of these people and I am beyond thankful
that I get to play music with them.


What a Gem!

Well, it's no secret I LOVE me some sparkle. With my Mother being a jewelry designer I grew up going to gem shows with her. It's still one of my more favorite things to do on a Saturday. But they are dangerous! Everything is so gorgeous and at whole sale pricing, it can add up faster than you think! Mom also has more jewelry than anyone I've met in my life. My friends think I have a lot of jewelry, I tell them, wait until you meet my Mom.

I'm constantly in awe of gorgeous gems and baubles I see, I don't think that will ever fade. These natural stones are true wonders of the world, whether it's a piece of turquoise or a diamond. Here are some that have left me awe-struck lately.

The combo of turquoise and gold makes me want
to go on a Caribbean vacation.

Coral, gold and diamonds?
yes please.

This is a druzy.
These are found in rocks.


I am in love with the idea of chain link jade.
So luxurious.

For reference. This is good to know.


Weekend Update

This weekend was another relaxed one, thank god! Life has been so busy lately and with the Holiday's coming up, it will only get more insane! We had a few rehearsals, got some burgers and beers, caught up on Parks and Rec, Dexter and Parenthood and I got a manicure! It was great!!! I guess it's the calm before the storm, right?

Apparently I was real tall on Saturday (I wore high heel booties)
So Takashi and Bob got real silly about it.

Bob and tall Iz

We had Sunday brunch at Athens Coney Island.
My Dad grew up down the street, so this is a big Nelson hang spot.

Dad & Mom at brunch

Beers, Burgers and Fries

Dad & I.
Can you tell it's getting chilly here?!


My co workers and I at our Thanksgiving themed
Employee Appreciation Breakfast. We organized the event!

Have a good week and good luck with all of your turkey day preparations!