the ceremony

Today I am sharing some incredible pics of our wedding ceremony, held in Barnum Park, Birmingham, MI. Our ceremony was exactly what we wanted and envisioned. We had about 15 family members and friends playing some of our favorite songs, it was outdoors and the weather cooperated. Your wedding day is as fantastic as people say it is- I can't really describe how wonderful this hour of my life felt, it was an unforgettable moment that I will always cherish.

photos by Cybelle Codish


getting ready to get married.

We are so excited to have gotten some of our photos back. It's been great fun to see Bob's morning of getting ready for the wedding vs. my own experience. Thanks to the very talented Cybelle Codish for these stunning photos. 
Can't wait to share more!



Rock City Eatery

Our wonderful friend, Nikita aka "Pie Guy" opened a lovely restaurant in Hamtramck a couple of weeks ago called Rock City Eatery. He is famous in Ferndale for his incredible pies (which we had at our wedding!) and brilliantly leveraged his success to create an eatery. Rock City Eatery's menu changes regularly based on seasonality and I'm guessing, Nikita's mood! I love going to a restaurant where the chef is cooking what they want to cook, it will almost always taste better. Here are some pics of the space and of our weekly visits.

The man himself, Pie Guy!

While the pie is delicious as always and is probably what will entice folks to the eatery, the main course has major potential to steal the show. The meals I've had there so far have been creative, inventive and delicious and very fairly priced. The duck fat fries are well worth the indulgence, SO GOOD.  Can't wait until they introduce brunch a brunch menu, which is rumored to be coming soon! 

Detroiters, make your way to Joseph Campau 
street and treat yourself to a wonderful meal.


lust of the day

can we talk about these earrings?


the reception

I want to share some great pics that friends and family sent us from our wedding reception. I can't believe it was already 5 weeks ago, there's not a day that goes by that I don't reflect on our wedding day, it was truly fantastic and all that I had hoped for. Like most DIY weddings, it couldn't have been done without the help of my sister, my friends, my Mom and my Mom's friends, my Dad, Bob and our awesome vendors!

true story...