Family Days

I've been spending a lot of time with family this Holiday break, which has been really wonderful. I got lunch with my cousins and great aunt, helped grandma pick out some new specs and got coffee with the rents and the grand-rents. It's been really great spending time with all these wonderful people I never get to see. Do I have to go back to work on Tuesday?!

Isn't Devon one of the cutest little kids you've ever seen?!
She loves her some chocolate milk.

Coffee with G&G at Leo's Coney Island in Birmingham

How stylin is my Grandma in these?!
I'm loving her new look.
Happy New Year's Eve! Me, Celia and my best friend Lindsay are getting sushi at Ronin (can't wait!) with some friends and then going to see Bob play at The Royal Oak Music Theatre. Be safe and have fun! Happy (almost) New Year!



Our friend Alex works at wdet, the npr supported radio station in Detroit. I'm a total geek for public radio and consider the dj's, reporters and hosts local celebs. So, naturally when Alex asked if Merlson (Me, Dad and Bob) would come into the new studio so he could record us, I jumped at the opportunity! And naturally when we were there, I kind of geeked out. Thanks Alex, for offering to record our tunes and for having us in wdet's new gorgeous studio! What a treat!

Oh yea, and I guess my Dad is smoking pipes now?


Holiday Update!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday, whatever it may be that you and your family celebrate. Ours was really fantastic, filled with lots and lots of family, music, amazing food, friends, drinks and gifts! Here are some photos from the past few days...

Uncle Rich playing his new Christmas gift 

Aunt Kim, Me, Mom & Ceil- all in sparkles at a Christmas Party!

Decorating the tree with Luke!

Mom on Christmas morning!

My Christmas gift from Bob! Kate Spades! Love these shoes.

Christmas day dinner at Cousin Kelly's
Rich, Kim, Sam, Ceil, Bob & Luke

Ceil & I on Christmas Morning in our matching PJ's.
Dad gets Mom, Ceil & I matching jammies every xmas eve.

Girls Day!
Lil, Mom & Me!

Amo & Danno Christmas Morning, opening gifts at Bob's parents.

Kelly & Devon on Christmas day.
God bless the cook!

Brunch with Alex & Linz in town from Fargo and Salt Lake!

me & Bob... looking silly.

So excited to have this whole week off to continue to spend time with friends and family. What a great Christmas this has been. Now off to record some new tracks with Bob and Dad...
Happy week between Christmas and New Years!


Happy Holidays!

Well, I'll be taking a little break from blogging and enjoying my Christmas, 2011 with all of my fantastic, fabulous and marvelous friends and family, many in from out of town. I'll be sure to take many pics and collect many stories to share with you upon my return!

Happy Holidays to you and your families!

Last night we had a big cousin cuddle!
Luke, Sam, Me & Lily.
This is what Christmas is about.

Merry Christmas!

Bob's EP Release

Our friend Gracie took photos of Bob's EP release concert and I'm so excited to share them with you! They turned out to be fantastic!!! Check these out!

Thanks Gracie!
You are so talented and we are so happy you took these shots!
Such a great way to remember an important night.


Cute Xmas Card

Every year, my Aunt and Uncle do the cutest Christmas cards. Both are artists, which is made apparent once you see their annual creations. This years card is super cute!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve I put so much thought into my outfit. It's dinner with the family, singing at church and being up until the wee hours of the mornning, so what's one outfit that will cover all of those needs?! Practically impossible, since by the time 1am rolls around you're dreaming of sweat pants. BUT I decided this year to create an outfit that would be my dream outfit and this is it! cute but comfy skirt, a sweater, festive heels and statement earrings. This is comfy but cute and the accessories bring that Christmas flair. I will try to create something similar out of my own closet (not my dream closet). Bring it on Christmas Eve 2011!!!!



Bob & Iz CD Release Concert

Bob and I made a CD, titled "Bob & Iz" and last night we had our CD release concert. We had such a great turn out and sold many copies of our CD! If you want to give it a listen, you can go here. We had so much fun putting this project together and have been amazed by the support we have gotten from friends, family and even strangers! Here are some shots from last nights show.

This was our promo poster (we added the Santa hats later)
My sister, Celia designed the poster!

Dad & Bob

Adam, our fabulous drummer and friend

Dad, rockin it out!

my man.

Tenor Sax and Clarinet player, Karl Kafagna.

Bassist and dear friend, Takashi

I wanted to wear yellow, since my dress on our album cover was yellow!
I found this vintage top at Rust Belt Market in Ferndale!

My Aunt Kim, Uncle Rich, and Cousins Luke, Lily and Sam drove in
from North Carolina for Christmas, a few days early to see our show!
Love these guys!!!

Thanks to all who came out and supported us local Detroit musicians. We are honored and blessed to play music in this town and to have such amazing support and love for what we do.

**all photos taken by Mike Edelman