I traveled to NYC last week for work but went early and turned it into a nice little weekend getaway, filled with family and food. I'm very fortunate to have family in the area- they show me the ropes. NYC can be an intimidating city but when you're with New Yorkers, it's so much easier to adjust and navigate. I spent Saturday in the burbs- Larchmont and the rest of my time in Manhattan.

I met my Dad's cousin, Nancy. I met her as a small child, but don't remember. So fun to reconnect with extended family. On the right is my Aunt Lisa.

Uncle Tom at his new (to me) office on Park Ave, Gardner Nelson and Partners.

Ummm... if you haven't had Momofuku Milk Bar you're missing out so hard core. The home made "cereal milk" soft serve is KILLER.

Lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel, where I stayed.

Been wanting to eat at Shake Shack for ages! SO worth the wait. Delish.

I looked out the window of my office on my last night there and noticed this ad- my little sister Celia created this ad! I'm such a proud big sister!!!!!!!!
Bob & Cousin David

This is the ceiling of one of the rooms on the Gramercy Park Hotel Terrace. Incredible.



Our very good friend Danielle got married! She moved to Scottsdale, AZ this year and the wedding was down there. No complaints here, considering the insane winter we've had. The warm weather was a welcome retreat. We had such a lovely time celebrating Danielle and Scott. They had two parties, the first was at the Four Seasons Scottsdale, the next night was a larger party at Greyhawk Country Club. The views were stunning. During non wedding festivities, we hung out by the pool and went exploring Old Town (which is like the old west and the shops are filled with real deal cowboy boots, Indian made turquoise jewelry, Minnetonkas (YES), Mexican imports and great restaurants). Can't wait to go back next winter- hopefully -to enjoy the warm weather and hang with D and Scott.

We hiked Pinnacle Peak!
Beautiful views.

Wishing I was back here about now... we're expecting around 6 more inches of snow in Detroit tomorrow. Please spring... hurry the heck up!