paper flower

Bob and I love flowers. Like a lot. Recently Bob had the sweetest idea- we were driving home from brunch and he said "can I go buy you some flowers?" to which I said "can I go buy YOU some flowers?". It was so fun to go make arrangements for each other. I picked out white roses and a baby blue hydrangea for Bob because he really likes romantic, lush blooms. He picked out a purple hydrangea and what he calls "weed flowers" (see below) for me because he knows I like really unique and kind of off beat, monochromatic flowers. It's my thing, ok?!! 

It was romantic, it was fun and they lasted in our home for 10 days. 

I think part of the reason I love these strange "weed" flowers is because they last SO long. Like, sometimes months. This got me thinking- why not look into professionally dried flowers or better yet, paper flowers, that will last years in your home?! I found these beauties on west elm.

Let's hope spring is on it's way soon- it was 
snowing in Detroit just two days ago.


how can we win?

This image was created  by design student Rosea Posey when she was in high school. It's quite powerful in it's ability to showcase the ways that women tend to be self critical and judgmental towards each other which is both encouraged and then applied to popular culture and popular opinion- a sort of chicken or the egg issue if you catch my drift. Every length option for an article of clothing as simple as a skirt can be associated with something negative (I myself wouldn't take offense to "old fashioned" but that's just me)

How can we win?

Happy Monday.


my fathers horniness

Today I want to share with you a blog post from somebody else. Our friend Dax recently lost his Father, with whom he had a difficult relationship with. He wrote a blog post about his experience with his Father's cancer and the repairs to their conflicted relationship that is both hilarious and tear inducing.
(I'm warning you now! I cried at work)

Here is the link to his blog post: CLICK HERE

There's a scene where his wife and our friend Kristen visits her father in law in the hospital, that is really moving. We met Kristen for lunch after this visit and she told us about her time with him in her usual humorous way- she always has a positive perspective on things. I don't think she realized at the time how significant her presence and her actions were to Dax and his Father. 

KB at the hospital.

Just a few hours later at lunch with our friend Brooke.

Hold your loved ones close and enjoy your weekend.


lust of the day

I'm killing for these Valentino Rockstud kitten heels- in any color.

Here are some of my favorite fashion bloggers rocking them out.

Bee from Atlantic-Pacific in the red version.

Krystal from This Time Tomorrow in the black version.

Street fashion, nude on nude from Riches for Rags.

They can be dressed up or dressed down and they bring a certain attitude to any outfit like a jolt of sass. I adore them.



This weekend was one filled with celebrations. One of my very dear friends Danielle became engaged so we went out for wine and seafood. This weekend was also St. Patrick's day and mine and Bob's 6 year anniversary. 

Me and Danielle, two engaged ladies, taking the town by storm! haha. We had such a nice night and I thank my lucky stars for such lovely friends in my life. 

Bob and I on break at the London Chop House- our Saturday gig. 

Visiting G&G on St. Patty's day. My Grandmother is 100% Irish. Her mother, Kathleen Flanagan was born in Cork Town (the immigrant Irish neighborhood in Detroit) in the late 1800's on March 17th! 
Isn't that amazing!? 
Needless to say, my Grandma sure loves St. Patrick's day. 

What you see on your left is Polish beet stew- 
it was kind of amazing and it tastes much milder than it looks.
On your right you will find Bob in heaven. Polish heaven.

This is how we celebrate 6 years, with 6 plates of Polish food!



As a violin player myself, I immediately fell for this dress on actress 
Chloe Sevigny, who is well known for her risky and creative style. 

The dress is a reissue of a 1983 Karl Lagerfeld (designer for Chanel) design and is being reproduced along with 15 other pieces, to honor Mr. Lagerfeld. 

Happy Friday and fiddle on my friends.



Pantone, the official decider of all colors. A quite brilliant designer came up with a Pantone project of his own, David Schwen has created Pantone food pairings and they are simple and clever and somehow just plain awesome.


I hope you had a nice weekend, I was pretty much sick all of mine but the bright side is- I caught up on all my shows! Ceil was in town for a bit and we had a lovely Target trip. We are the only people other than 
our Mom who can stand to go to Target with each of us.
We are there for at least an hour every visit. It's wonderful.



let's practice

well friends. I've finally decided on my rehearsal dinner dress.

you like?


fun stuff.

We've been getting back into the swing of things now that Mom is home from the hospital and doing better. I've actually been socializing again and getting back into wedding planning. 

Bob is playing with singer songwriter (and high schooler!) Olivia Millerschin and I went to her CD release concert with Ceil over the weekend. 
Such cute songs. Here is her big hit!

Last night I went out for tacos and margaritas with  some of my work buddies (and Bob!). I'm addicted to Imperial in Ferndale- it's official. Such a fun night. 

and last but not least, one of my favorite restaurants, Townhouse, now has a cocktail by the name of my cross streets where I live! Of course I ordered it.