This past weekend was Halloween weekend, so naturally we attended a party and saw so many great costumes. I want to share with you our costume and some others I thought were pretty great!

Wednesday Adams and Margaux Tenenbaum
aka Sarah & Bruna

Day of the Dead

aka, my Aunt Kim & Uncle Rich

Zelda & F. Scott Fitzgerald

My Mom made this amazing headband for me.
I curled my hair super tight and tucked it under to make a bob.



family dinner

With my Grandparents in town from NC, we decided to have a little pizza night over at cousin Kellie's. She has four adorable kids, and the two youngest are Devin and Gigi and man are they fun! Here are some pics from the evening.

I found this on my phone later that night. Devin was taking selfies!

Grandpa and Maggie

It was nice to get together with  my Mom's side of the family. It doesn't happen as often and it's SO nice to be around kids again. There's a strange period in your life from ages 20-25ish where there are no kids around. Your parents and their friends stopped having kids long ago, none of your friends are having kids yet and you're too old to baby sit. So unless you're a teacher, these moments are few and far between and I try to soak them in as much as I can!


apple pie

we had to figure out something to do with all of those apples!
....so we baked a pie!

It was SO easy! I don't know why I ever bought pie. We used this recipe.


apple picking

This past Saturday, I went to Bowling Green to visit my little sister, Celia at school. We decided on doing a fall activity- apple picking! We went to an apple orchard about 20 minutes outside of the city and bought a half bushel bag to fill with the apples we picked. It was a gorgeous day out and so fun to try a new fall activity I've never done with my best sister.



a few things

Thank goodness it's Friday! I'm looking forward to this weekend, I'll be spending time with family tonight, visiting Ceil in Ohio tomorrow, where we will do some apple picking and celebrating a friends birthday with Sunday brunch, at Cliff Bells, where Bob will be playing. It's busy, but in the best way, packed with people I love! Here are a few fun things about this week...

the most adorable themed floral arrangements in our lobby at work.

the most gorgeous m&m cookie I've ever laid eyes on! yum.

Danielle made these for dessert after we had dinner at her place last night.

and lastly, meet Kirk, the Cornish Rex I'll be cat sitting for the next few days.
I'm in love.


Frankenweenie & Tacos

The other night, I took Bob and Mom with me to go see Tim Burton's latest, Frankenweenie (in 3d!). It was very reminiscent of Edward Scissor Hands with the suburbia and well developed characters, in fact some of my favorite characters weren't even the leading characters.

I love this poster, they made it to look like a B Horror Movie poster. So great.

and here I am, "6 eyes", 3d glasses over my prescription glasses. haha
After the movie, we met friends at Imperial, one of our new hang places in Ferndale. Great tacos, margaritas, home made chips and salsas and it's affordable! To say it's become a favorite would be about accurate.



binders of women

OK, Romney had it coming. Binders full of women? really? really?!
thanks to the Internet, someone has already created a tumblr, bindersfullofwomen.tumbler.com
These are some some of my favorites so far :)

I couldn't resist sharing.


halloween is in the air

can you feel it?! Halloween is in the air! Little kids were trying on costumes at Target on Saturday, my friends and I are starting to discuss our own costumes, what parties to attend and I happen to be on the Halloween event committee at work, so it's been on the brain. Plus....

I've already watched Hocus Pocus two times.

I had cider and donuts at work yesterday from Franklin cider mill.

and! Chicky is already in her festive attire.
Have any fun Halloween plans or great costume ideas?!


weekend update

Happy Monday! I realize I was a bit absent from the blog last week, work has been very busy, which is good! and I was asked to sub for the Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra for their fall concert, playing violin, and had so many rehearsals, dress rehearsals and then the performance Friday evening. I was so fortunate to have both of my parents, Bob (who brought me flowers. adorable) and my two Grandmother's there to listen and support me. The weekend rounded out with a friends housewarming party, a sleepy Saturday, a walk into town in the rain, a gig, Sunday church and a fajita night with an old friend.

Grandma Liz (dad's mom), me, Mom and Grandma Coco (mom's mom)
...at my orchestra concert.

a walk in the rain to get some brunch.
jacket; jcrew, bag; vintage coach, wellies; missoni for Target, umbrella; kate spade

Margaritas with Grandma at our gig Saturday night!

Have a great week.