PS I Love You

I grew up visiting Palm Springs and it completely defined my tastes and design sensibilities. I love nothing more than a fantastic vintage dress with a loud colorful print- ala Palm Springs 1962, for a $30 steal at the many thrift stores in town. Sadly, my family who has a home there is moving and selling their incredible mid century modern ranch. I had to take Bob there with me before it sold and introduce him to one of my favorite childhood memories- the lifestyle of Palm Springs. 

Lunch at Sunnylands

Sunnylands, the Camp David of the West!
Obama golfed here the day before!

The view from Sunnylands overlooking the mountains.

Entrance at Sunnylands

The living room at the Nelson Palm Springs abode.

Josie and I riding in Big Bessie

Uncle Joe and Bennett with Bob and I on a hike in the Native American reservation land in the mountains. Palm Spring has incredible hiking!

Joshua Tree at sunrise.

PS I Love You and will miss you.

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