A Wedding in Redding & Adventures in San Fran

Our dear friend David got married recently! He and Bob have been friends since high school, along with Bob's brother Daveo. It was a beautiful outdoor northern CA wedding, everything was DIY, even down to the bride's cousins cooking the food! Here are some beautiful pics of the event (scroll down further to see photos of our San Fran Vacation!) 

Father and Son

Such a lovely evening for two lovely people who we love.
love love love.

In the meantime, Bob and I thought we should turn this weekend into a trip! He had never been to San Fran and I hadn't been since I was real little. We had 3 days to explore the city, meet up with friends, eat some truly AMAZING food (Burma Supreme- I dream about you). I also really wanted to see some Red Woods- so we visited Muir Woods, just outside of the city. It was such an incredible experience. Being in those woods felt really holy, for lack of a better word. These trees are alive and they have stories. 

For reference, see the people to the right. I really liked how these trees grew in a circular formation, it's like they're all hanging out together!

We stayed at the most adorable Air BnB in Nob Hill. We had a rooftop apartment overlooking the bay!

Alright San Fran, you won us over...

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