Mansion Warming Party

Over the weekend, Bob's friend Patty asked us to play a few songs at his housewarming party/benefit for an organization that exposes inner city kids to opera, called Motor City Lyric Opera. We agreed of course! Well, I must say that when he gave us his address, we didn't expect to pull up to this:

Welcome to Boston Edison, a historical neighborhood in Detroit. Most homes where built between 1905-1920. To learn more about this historical neighborhood, go here. Boston Edison was home to many famous Detroiters including Henry Ford, Senator James Couzens (also a founding partner of Ford Motor Co.), Sebastian Kresge, Berry Gordy and many many more prominent automotive execs, politicians, artists, writers, athletes and religious leaders. Needless to say, I've always been in love with this neighborhood, often driving through to see all of the gorgeous homes and then next thing I know I get to play a house warming!

One of many sitting rooms.

ok, the butlers quarters is nicer than my kitchen.

Ceil, in the master bath. The bathroom also had a circular standing shower. All of the floors and walls were covered in this gorgeous blue tile. And it was about the size of my bedroom.
Man, people knew how to live back then!

This was the ceiling in the bathroom. gorgeous.

We performed in the basement, which was a ball room!
I loved how every room had some sort of purpose and the attention paid to design and detail was truly impecible. The ceilings were painted or woodworked, the windows trimmed, the fireplaces intricate, even the mud room had thought and artistry behind the design work.

Such a treat to explore these homes. They do offer written walking tour guides, see here. I highly encourage you to go, you will be amazed and in awe.
You will never want to buy new construction again!

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