Let's Go On A Road Trip

Growing up, my parents would take us on a road trip every summer, for two weeks in July (my Dad works in automotive- shutdown!). We never really had a plan, we would just get in the car and pick a direction and stop at places along the way. My parents house is filled with the most random assortment of collectibles and antiques and Celia and I now have a flavor for vintage design, mom and pop stores, random diners and all the crazy stuff in between.

Today on Pinterest, I discovered an ingenious website called OnTheWay. I believe you can also download as an app on your mobile device!

You simply enter where you are starting from and your destination. The website will then ask you what route you intend to take and then provides you with museums, national parks, malls, famous restaurants, coffee shops, etc that are on route. Personally, I think it's a great tool. This is not to say I'm giving up on the blind road trip, believe me, it wouldn't be a Nelson road trip without some real random stops, but this is such a neat website I just had to share!

Do you like to go on road trips? What's your favorite destination?

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