Weekend Update

So I've been dog sitting the past 5 days and will be for the next 5! I've never had a dog, so this has been an interesting experience. Due to the dog sitting, my weekend was a bit limited. I saw some movies- Haywire is fantastic and Gina Carrano is a bad ass. We Bought a Zoo was SO good, much better than I anticipated and definitely worth a watch.

Bob and I hit up the Pistons game Saturday night, we won! This is the fourth game they've won this season out of 14. I swear Bob and I must be good luck charms. Every Detroit sports game we go to, they win! Even the Lions... last season. Sunday, we had some friends over for fish tacos. YUM. Hope your weekend was nice!

There was a really impressive drum line after the game.

Bob admiring the drum line!

I now wake up very early to take the dog on is morning walk.
At least I get to see some great sun rises.

Sunday brunch at Papa Joes.

Fish Tacos!

Pat, admiring Bob's mad fish taco skills.

This is my little part time dog, Beau.

Happy Monday?
We can do it!

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  1. Ha! Thanks for the fish taco support! Your blog is beautiful. It adds a all new element of wonder and beauty to the world. Go girl.