Groove is in the Heart

This song just popped into my head today and I realize how much I love it! It brings back memories of backyard parties at Anita and Dr. Bob's house, playing with my awesome childhood hippie friends Amas, Bello and Nadja. Isn't it amazing the memories music can unearth?!

Me & Amas, bein cool. The photo has been on the fridege so long it's wearing away!

Ceil & I, around the same age, obviously starting a band.

Also, Bob started singing this song this morning and I can't get it out of my head! This video is hilarious and makes me want a monkey... and a pig... or both.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Honestly the drummer on that baby monkey song is sick. Love the fill leading into the bridge

  2. Also, that girl from deee lite is such a good dancer, and the samurai looking guy is too. And that's Bootsy Collins on bass!